Lost and Insecure

Have you ever felt lost? Keep in mind that the kind of lost I’m referring to here isn’t the usual scenario wherein you are home alone, or single, or just lost in the mall. I’m talking about feeling lost in an extremely crowded place. Yes, some of us do feel like that, and believe me, it’s normal to feel so.

There are two kinds of ‘feeling lost’ that actually exist. One is where you are lonely and are desperately in need of some help to get you out of your slump, and the second kind is when you are in a room full of people and still have no one to talk to. Honestly though, the second one is brutally heart wrenching. I mean, think about it, you are in a room full of people who you are close to, but you cannot talk to them or have small talk with them, instead you choose to be superfluous and talk about frivolous stuff which neither of you would remember once you’re out of that room. And that is when you realize, that even though there are 7 billion homo sapiens on this planet and probably more than a gazillion number of species in the universe, you’re still all alone. 

Quite often I find myself in situations where everyone around me is happy and cracking jokes and having the time of their lives, and I’m just sitting there, wondering, how do they do it? How do these people, who are my best friends, laugh all the time and not see the real problem at hand and act to oblivious to reality which is clearly barking for help? Everyone has their escape route, some sort of coping mechanism which helps them get past their problems. Some people talk to a shrink, some talk to their confidant, some write an article about it, while most others, bottle it up. Bottling it up makes the person feel more suffocated at social gatherings, as it makes them realize that pulling off a fake laugh is much easier than facing the truth and seeking for help. It makes them realize that being ignorant is blissful. But what they don’t realize is, being ignorant is insidiously hazardous to their own mental stability. 

So what I really want everyone reading this to ponder on, is the unfortunate reality about how majority of teenagers, young adults, parents, husbands, wives, grandparents, and even your daily help lady or milkman, have troubles they need your help with. They all need someone to be their lighthouse to help them through the storm. They all need someone to be the boat to get them back from the lonely deserted island back home into civilization. And honestly speaking, when you help them, you feel the warmth fill up your heart with tremendous satisfaction.

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4 thoughts on “Lost and Insecure

  1. If we want to help someone, we must always remember to help ourselves first. If you can’t speak French, don’t expect yourself to be able to teach others how to speak the language.

    But if you do? Indeed, it’ll be awesome as you start teaching and sharing the joy and love of discovery in life. Not to mention, the bond being forged between two souls 😉

    In my opinion, I feel that the first mentioned example of being lost (In need of desperate help) is actually worst than the latter lol!

    But I do understand what you mean because I was there in the past where I’d always be the odd one out in a group of people chatting away- having the time of their life. I’d be in a tiny corner of my little world, thinking about my own stuff. Awesome.

    Being me, I felt that it was a problem which I had to learn to overcome as a teen. Hence at the time, I did research and analysis along with some experiments and I found out some interesting stuff on the topic. It’s all about fear.
    I talk about this in one of my articles. If you are interested, check it out right here:

    Anywho, I like how you mentioned the numbers of homo sapiens being on this planet and yet we still can’t seem to do much about the issue hahaha! Got me chuckling there 😉

    As lost as we may get, we must never forget that there’s always a way out.
    Things will always be fine somehow. The only issue then is how “Fine” do we want it to be.

    What do you think, bud?

    Your pal,


  2. Dear Nameless Old Monk,

    Your post ‘Lost and Insecure’ was incredibly well written. I myself have experienced exactly what you describe – both situations. I feel like you described them very well – better than I have been able to myself lately. I really enjoy your writing. It is very detailed, very descriptive, and flows really well.

    I also really appreciated the ending of this post where you shed some positivity and hope on the situation. I feel like as a reader I am walking away with solutions.

    Thank you for sharing.


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