Autonomy: A false Right.

When you google ‘Autonomy’, one of the definitions you get is: ‘freedom from external control or influence; independence.’

Now let me ask you this simple question: How often are you allowed to do what you want, or take your decisions on your own, without any external control or influence? How often are you genuinely permitted to be independent? I really need you to look back on your life, and think about all those tough choices you had to make and answer the question I just asked. Some of you might have taken decisions all by yourself (I salute you!), while I’m almost certain that a majority of you were under external control or influence. And that is exactly what I mean by calling Autonomy a False Right.

When governments of our nations declared themselves to be Autonomous, they surely implied goodwill for all its citizens. Which is brilliant. We all get to do what we want, as long as we ensure we abide by the law. Now that’s government policy for ensuring safety, by preventing its citizens from going rouge assassins who kill one another for petty issues.

But tell me, do all your friends have the ‘RIGHT’ to know everything about you, like where you’re going when, or who you’re having lunch with? Does your family have the ‘RIGHT’ to constantly tell you what to do and what not to do, which colleges to apply to or what to eat when or which friends to have? The term ‘Autonomy’ means independence and it surely means so both in physical aspects as well as mentally. Being a free spirited human is what is our birth right. We aren’t supposed to be answerable to anyone but the law. The law is what keeps us in check, not other members of your life. You should be allowed full freedom to do what you want with your life.

What I don’t understand is, people trying to force their opinions on you. I mean, they have just one motive: “I know whats best for you”. Now whoever has heard that sentence from your best friend, family, relative, neighbor or just some random shrink, would know how that one sentence really gets your goat. Its okay if you know whats best for me, but let me make my own decisions, let me make mistakes so that I can learn from it myself. Let me make the tough choices myself, because if I’m wrong, I will blame myself. I would be the reason behind my own mistakes. And trust me, it’s better that way. Nobody should be the reason behind your mistakes except yourself.

So don’t listen to everyone who shoves their opinions straight into your face. Tell them to mind their own business, take a deep breath, and enjoy your autonomy, because at the end of the day, we’re all just birds trapped in cages created by others opinions and decisions.

Yours Sincerely, 

Nameless Old Monk.

This was written in response to todays daily prompt: Autonomy


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