Beware of the Dark!

Athena was craving for a hot bubble bath. She deserved it. After all, her day was quite tiresome and really long. She caught the last bus home from Trafalgar Square. Headphones on, with Taylor swift’s playlist on replay, she dosed off to sleep with her head resting against the window. “Excuse me ma’am. I guess your stops come?” asked the bus conductor, tapping Athena on her shoulder as she couldn’t hear anything. She woke up all of a sudden. Her eyes were blood red, indicating she desperately needed some rest. “Thank you sir.” replied Athena, taking a moment to figure out what’s going on. She got off the bus but could barely walk. With the icy wind whistling away through her ears, she could hear everything going on in the neighbouring street, the bustling noise of the traffic and the street dogs barking at random pedestrians. The night was extremely bright, irrespective of the street lamps not working. Her pale face was shining in the moonlight, she seemed to be glowing. Finally, she reached the front door of her bungalow and lazily fondled for her keys in her delicately beaded bag, and soon enough, found them. Whilst opening the creaking front door, she must have woken up most of her neighbours. She slowly made her way into the dark hallway, her pupil’s still constricted cause of the moonlight. She threw her bag and heels on the couch and went up to the first floor, straight into her washroom, and opened the hot water tap for the tub. She undressed herself, and slowly felt the warm water filling up the tub. She got into the tub and let her body soak in the warmth. She could feel goosebumps running through her body as her muscles relaxed. The warmth of the water helped her dive into a deep slumber.

The night was screeching with quietness. Everyone seemed to be asleep except the owl outside the window. When all of a sudden Athena woke up, with her heart pounding. It seemed as if she heard her front door creek. The tap was still on, and the tub was warm, but this sudden “thud” seemed to make her pale. She shut the tap and thought to herself, “Did someone enter the house? How could they? The door was — oh right! I hadn’t shut the door!” She was turning paler. She stepped out of the tub, but the entire bathroom was flooded. She grabbed the towel and wrapped herself. The nights’ silence was even more deafening now. She began to slowly open her bathroom door, when suddenly, her bedroom door slammed open. She quietly bent down to the floor, crawled to the tub, and curled around the corner, behind the curtain. She could see her bedroom clearly as the moonlight had flooded the room, along with the water from the tub. She saw a dark figure- Tall, hooded, with sparkling eyes cause of the reflection of the moonlight by the water. The figure turned its head slowly, trying to map the entire room, finding signs of human presence. It started walking towards the window, looked out, to scan the street. It then drew the curtains, and the room, seemed dead. The damp aroma of the steam had started to spread its way through. The figure started walking towards the bathroom door, and slowly peeped in. Athena couldn’t see where the figure was, but she could only hear it breathe. She couldn’t control her breath, but in a frail attempt to save her life, she still tried. Few moments later, she couldn’t hear it breathe, and so she started gasping for air, and peaked out of the curtain, there was no one in the bathroom except her. She slowly tried to step out of the tub. But the water hadn’t dried yet, so she dint want to create unnecessary ripples and draw the attention of the figure. She just waited, breathing, as softly as possible. The steam, acted as a buffer and prevented any noise from entering the bathroom, and the prolonged silence seemed to sedate Athena. Her eyes were slowly shutting. She wanted to stay awake, but her body couldn’t keep up. She was in the tub, half naked, unconscious, and totally unaware of the figures whereabouts.


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