Stand Tall!

The present generation has seen all kinds of people – generous, giving, caring, bold, careless, carefree, introverts, extroverts, social butterflies and the self loathing kind. No matter which of these categories you fall into, you always have someone in there with you. You’re never alone. But the unfortunate truth is that, people are scared to mingle with people who are in the same category. They Alwaysย  want to move onto another category, and try to fit in. People from all categories are insecure, this is precisely why they’re in that category; because they’re afraid their true colors will be exposed and that nobody would accept that side of them. A social butterfly talks to everyone possible because they want to be reassured that there are people in this world who aren’t as well off as they are, and this might help them sleep at night. An extrovert ensures they talk to everyone possible, because they might want to prove to that one person who would’ve insulted them as a child and called him/her a loner. Everyone has their own trigger points, and these trigger points ensure we don’t jump from one category from another. But what most of us do not realise is that, the choice/power to move from one category to another solely depends on us. Its a farce which society wants you believe, that you cannot change who you are; because they themselves are super scared and apprehensive about change. And so everyone just continues to remain same, leading their monotonous lives, not wanting to experience new people, places, hobbies, or life in general.

This fear of not wanting to be unique, is something which all of us should try to overcome. Its crucial that we do so. Because everyone has their own reasons for belonging to that particular category. They would’ve gone through certain things in their lives which would’ve made them who they are. By the end of the day, we are who we are based on the choices we make. And it’s completely normal to not want to talk to someone else who is in the same boat as you, mainly because you’re equally oblivious to that person as he is to you. This communication gap needs to be bridged. Talking and sharing ideas with like minded people has such a magnificent positive effect on the mental health, that you will wake up everyday, with high spirits of meeting someone new and wanting to share your thoughts and opinions with them. This aura of optimism need to only be with respect to meeting new people, it could also be for experiencing something new that day. Have you ever gone to Starbucks alone, ordered yourself a generous amount of hot chocolate and just sat their in your booth, alone, reading or listening to music? I’m guessing no. Because you’re afraid of those judgmental vibes you get from people. Well, don’t be afraid. Show them how you can live your life alone, and not feel lonely. Often people assume being lonely and being alone to be one and the same thing. But they aren’t.

Now if you’re an extrovert, I recommend you live a day being an introvert, and see how you feel by the end of the day. If you’re an introvert, I recommend you to go out, meet a random person in a coffee shop or at a social event, and try conversing, you would be surprised what that person has got to offer, and believe me, you would leave that place knowing so much more about the world than you did before. If you’re a social butterfly, try calling your fourth standard friend and catch up, you will realise that life is so much better when you have that one best friend who you can always count on instead of a gazillion fake ones. If you’re a careless person, please, get a pet; you will be surprised to find how responsible you actually can be.

Be bold to venture into new categories. Be bold and step into the real world, its so much better than you give it credit for.

Peace out,

Nameless Old Monk.


9 thoughts on “Stand Tall!

  1. I’ve tried that, going to starbucks and other cafes. Just sitting there having a coffee and watching people. It’s an experience which’ll give you a real “Ah-ha” insight into life and perspectives in things.

    My take off the experience? Nobody cares. If you are a stranger to them? Nobody cares about you and what you’re doing. In fact, they’d rather leave you alone just as how they’d rather have you leave them alone. Unless they got specific agenda like if you’ve sat there for too long and the manager has to ask you to leave because the lunch crowd or dinner crowd is coming lol.

    But seriously, if you (Readers) haven’t tried it out though? You gotta try it. You’ll gain a real insight and perhaps even some enlightenment of sorts for yourself.

    Have you tried this little experiment yourself, NOM?

    Your pal,


    1. I’ve done it quite a lot of times. I don’t necessarily go to Starbucks only though. Sometimes even on the beach, when it isn’t too sunny.
      And yes, nobody cares. Which is why people shouldn’t be afraid of being judged. ๐Ÿ™‚

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