What drives YOU?

Today I want to share with you, the mysterious element which has the power of driving your decision making process.

Everyone has a motive. Everyone has something which empowers them to do something. Everyone has something which drives them.

It could be anything or anyone. The trigger could have a positive or negative impact on your life. For example, lets talk about peer pressure. Peer pressure could be positive or negative, but both have their own way of bringing out the best in you. Positive pressure includes events such as a friend who enjoys healthy competition and hence motivates you to push your boundaries. i.e. has a positive impact on you, and you both grow together. So this mutual benefit could be a trigger point which drives you towards attaining great things.

On the contrary, negative peer pressure, which includes emotions such as ego, jealousy, arrogance, also has the capabilities of bringing out the best in you, but takes a huge toll on your mental health. For example, your nemesis or archenemy scores really well in a unit exam, and you don’t. This rivalry could drive you towards working harder for the next unit exam, just because you don’t want your rival to do better than you, again. But nonetheless,  this emotion pushes your boundaries and ensures success. But is this really the path you want to choose?

Another example, a fathers tough love and a mothers gentle love. A father usually follows the route of being firm and strict to get his point across to you. He might resort to taunting or insulting or even sarcastically praising your friends just to belittle you. His intentions are definitely for your betterment, but his method or approach is negative. But if that drives you, as in, if the taunting and strict behavior pushes you to do something great and become successful, your fathers method might actually be great! Trust me, some of us, work better this way.

Now a mothers gentle and nurturing method is the polar opposite of a fathers’ approach. A mother usually be passive aggressive, by emotionally black mailing you or sometimes even guilt tripping you into doing something. This too is obviously in your best interest. But this approach is more mild and more soothing.

Both a father and a mother always want whats best for you, but they follow different approaches. Some of us might get severely agitated when our father shouts at us, and so for such people, the mothers approach is better. And for the others, we might take our mothers passive aggression a bit too lightly, and so the fathers stern method is more suitable. But does this mean we have to fit into one of these categories only?


I don’t know how many of you know Sirius Black (May you rest in peace. *raises wand*), but he made a very valid point in, the Order of the Phoenix. He explained Harry a philosophy, which I think is very important to live by. It’s about how ‘The world is made up of light and darkness.’ And that it depends on us, to choose which way we want to go. Choosing the dark side, doesn’t make you a bad person. Not always. If your intentions and motives are pure and clean, you could choose whichever path. Remember, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

So the take away here, is to find that mysterious element that drives you, and own the living crap out of it. It could drive you insane, or it could drive you to great glory. As long as something or someone drives you, and makes you feel alive, you’re fulfilling your purpose as a human being.


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