What it means to be carefree?

Very often when people ask me a simple question, do you enjoy the journey more or the destination? I almost always, reply back by asking them, why do I have to choose?

Its like asking someone in the Theater group, whether they liked decorating the stage or performing? Why can’t a person be carefree and not be biased towards one option? Is it really that important to choose a side? Why can’t we just enjoy both sides or neither of the two?

The journey of your life is supposed to be a roller-coaster. If it isn’t, then you haven’t truly lived. If you haven’t felt the adrenaline rush, even once in your life, you haven’t truly lived. The adrenaline rush could be because of anything, a suspense thriller novel, a horror movie, jogging, sky diving or even cooking. But remember to do something wacky!

The best thing about living in the 21st century, is the amount of opportunities that exist for people of all types. You merely just have to look around, and trust me, you would have found yourself a new hobby.

Being carefree lets you explore the world with an open mind. You are open to all sorts of possibilities and are not bogged down by social norms and conventions. You define your own life goals and are entirely responsible for all the choices you make. Being carefree gives you a new outlook and perception to all the things which you would’ve otherwise dismissed as strange and unnecessary.

People who carefree are full of exuberance, and this liveliness is contagious.

Live a little and take a step into the crazy world of the carefree folks. Its warm, and fun, and full of excitement!


5 thoughts on “What it means to be carefree?

  1. Love the logic here! Fits well with my decision to stop living by default and choosing instead to OPTIN to Living! and enjoy the journey on the way to the destination!!! 😉 Be blessed!


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