Blind Faith or Reality Check?

Before you read any further and find out my opinions about which one should technically be used when, lets clarify what they actually are.

Blind faith is something similar to believing in someone without any circumstantial evidence. What I mean by circumstantial evidence, is that you don’t need proof to believe in them. You don’t need a reason to doubt their capabilities. You genuinely believe in them and their potential. For example, a mother has a blind faith over her children and trusts them without a doubt. Even if her children tell her they’ll scoop out the moon for her, she will agree with them and believe in them. She isn’t a lunatic. She’s just a brilliant mother, who knows the power of blind faith.

Reality check is something on the lines of an intervention. Its something which pragmatic humans follow quite closely. They need to rationally look at every situation and abide by the scientific and mathematical theorems to finally come to a conclusion. Usually, these are the people who can easily earn a lot of money because they have great risk management abilities. They’re fully aware of what can go wrong, because they’re extremely stringy with their calculations, as they are always grounded to the earth because of their rational sense of cognitive abilities.

Clear distinction: Reality checks are the polar opposites of blind faith.

By now I’m pretty sure you have a mental picture of someone who you’re close to who fits into the above categories. One who always believes in you, no matter how absurd and untoward your ideas and goals are. And the other who always cautions you about the possible risks which you could face, at any given time.

Now I need you to take a moment, and think to yourself; who are you more closer to? The one who blindly believes in you or the pragmatic rationalist? If you’re anything like me, you would be closer to the person who blindly believes in you.

There’s a simple scientific explanation if your answer is similar to mine. The reason is, that you’re tired by people constantly trying to tell you whats right and what wrong, and forcing you to be cautious. Precisely why you need a person, a pillar of support who would believe in you when everyone is trying to tell you that you wouldn’t be able to do it. Trust me, if ever you’re in a position wherein you have to choose between becoming the rationalist or the blind believer, try choosing the blind believer. Not always. But mostly.

This is because, when you realize that someone believes in you no matter what you do, it increases your confidence and gives you this unworldly determination which pushes you towards achieving your goal with great skill and comfort. This confidence builds up because you’re more receptive towards the opinions of people which are similar to yours.

Although blind faith has great power, it comes with great responsibility. If you know your blind faith is being detrimental to your friend, step back, and be honest. Tell your friend that you’ve always believed in them in the past, but what they’re about to do is going to adversely affect them. Now what his does is, it makes your friend think, about how even though you’ve always trusted his instincts and believed in them, this situation seems to be spiraling out of hand and the best option is to back off, and start afresh.

A healthy friendship is built on trust and faith. Being each others pillars of support and moral compass is equally important to being each others pragmatic rationalists. The key is, striking the balance between all of them.


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