The Perfect S.O.!

Have you ever come across someone who seems like the perfect person for you? Someone who fits into the shoes of your dream girl/ knight in shining armor? Well then you’ve most certainly been day dreaming. News flash: They don’t exist.

The feeling of butterflies in our stomach is a rather complicated feeling. This is so, because our mind is always trying to read signals from people, and as soon as it discovers that the pheromones are the likable ones and not the spiteful ones, it secretes dopamine to relax your body and dilate your pupils. This spurious reading of the type of pheromones is because your brain associates them with something you like.

For example, your sister wears this enchanting rose perfume, and when you pass by a market place and sniff a woman’s scent which is also a rose perfume, your brain automatically gives your heart a signal saying that that woman is sending you positive pheromones. Where as in reality, that poor lady is just buying some tomatoes.

The search for the SO (significant other) has been a primal need ever since the cavemen existed. They were always trying to find their SO by trial and error method and that sort of carried on generation after generation.

Now the reason why I say that the Perfect One doesn’t exist, is because, honestly, everyone has flaws. Everyone has something which will tick you off. Its just a matter of time until your imaginary-little-the-perfect-one-bubble bursts, and your back to listening to Taylor Swift or The Secondhand Serenade on repeat.

The reason for such heartbreaks is because most of the time, on the first date, people usually portray themselves as someone who they aren’t. And over time, it becomes more difficult for them to continue pretending to be that person. Over time, they recede back into their normal ways and that change is something you might not like.

Truth of the matter is, it is easy to pretend to be the cute-blue-eyed guy or the adorable-brown-eyed girl, but it’s a lot harder to continue living like that.

That’s why, don’t believe Katherine Heigl when she says that love at first sight is a real thing. It isn’t! Its a trap. Pack your bags and get out of there as soon as possible. It a rare possibility that the first person you date is your soulmate. There’s plenty of fish in the sea; you only need to swim deeper to find the good ones.

Signing off on a rather anti-romantic note,

Nameless Old Monk.


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