The dramatic one!

office-drama (1)Before I talk about ‘The dramatic one’, lets first look at a beautiful quote about drama.

“Drama doesn’t just walk into your life. You either create it, invite it, or associate with people who invite it into your life”

Believe it or not, it’s one hundred percent true.

We all have a group of friends who we refer to as our best/close friends. And in this group, there’s definitely one friend who is ‘the dramatic one’. The characteristic traits are quite easy to recognize: He or she would always have some earth-shattering news or the latest gossip which has being going around campus. This person loves to chit-chat and usually a social butterfly. This person also loves throwing tantrums and being extremely expressive. I am sue if you keenly observe each one of your friends, you will find ‘the dramatic one’.

These kinda people are fun to hang out with. They tell such enchanting tales with great voice modulation and role playing sequences. They are extremely expressive and their usual disposition is positively appealing. These are the kind of friends you would want to hang out with just for their crazy stories.

Although these friends seem fun and enticing, there’s a lot more to the package than what meets the eye. Two observations need to be made here:

Firstly, such dramatic friends do get on your nerves at times. This happens mainly because they react dramatically for almost everything. If they see an injured bird, they will start crying and pretend like the bird was their pet since they were an infant; Or if there’s an earthquake in some god forsaken place on earth, they’ll get overly dramatic and post sentimental posts on instagram/facebook/snapchat/whatsapp/tinder etc; Or if they love a TV show, they will pretend like whatever if happening in the show, is also happening to them in real life. They aren’t the candid types, because they need to add that dramatic flair of theirs to everything and anything to do.

Basically, the dramatic one is also the lunatic. They’re stuffed with emotions and hormones which are always ready to burst out in the form of extreme dramatic acts. They can be really difficult to deal with on a day to day basis and hence are usually termed as high maintenance.

Secondly, you love the dramatic one. Admit it. Despite knowing the flaws and figuring out how annoying they can be at times, you still love hanging out with them. This is because everyone loves drama. The crazy stories and emotional roller-coasters are entertaining, mainly because it’s a good break from your monotonous life, and hey! Wouldn’t you love to  hear some badass gossip at 3am in the morning?

This dramatic friend of yours is extremely lively, and is a major fun element in your group and deep down, all of you know that without this person, your group wouldn’t be half as fun as it is right now.


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