Get over your Obsessions!

Have you ever been super obsessed with someone or something? Have you ever felt a sinking sensation in your heart when that person or thing, walks out of your life?

Well if you do, then you’ve just gotta do one obvious thing. i.e. Disconnect.

Very often we find ourselves in the devious claws of a deceitful person. Sometimes, it could be an event too. For example, you could be mesmerized by an aura that this person gives out, and so you might know how to differentiate between whats write and whats wrong.

This same phenomenon could be with respect to anything. Substance abuse being one of them. The high that you get when you smoke up / smoke / consume alcohol, is all temporary. The illusion of setting your brain free during those fleeting moments is something most youngsters indulge themselves in. But little do they realize how dangerous this is to their health.

It isn’t their fault though, it’s all because of our brain. Whenever it feels happy, or it feels satisfied, it releases this hormone called ‘dopamine’  which relaxes the entire body. So over a period of time, our body gets addicted to this feeling because it enjoys being relaxed.

This happens with our friends too. If someone seems to be comforting and pleasant, you tend to start enjoying their company. And sometimes, we get too used to their company. This can be a bit dangerous. That person might get exhausted cause of lack of privacy. And even you might get too dependent on that person, to such an extent that you are clueless without him/her.

This obsessive dependency is an exhaustive feeling to have. Mainly because even a small interval without the person or thing, has the potential to drive you insane.

You shouldn’t let your liking and infatuation reach the point of mental obsession. Don’t give them the power of controlling your mood and emotions. And honestly, it isn’t even their fault. You built up this obsession and only you can destroy it.

Be strong, and defeat your obsession. Amen!


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