Starting Over?

How often have you had the feeling of running away from your current walk of life?

How often have you felt the urge to instantly cut off from everyone and go underground?

How often have you wondered about the various places that you would visit, in case you build up the courage to flee from your present?

I might not know you personally, but I can guarantee that you have definitely considered the idea of starting over. The idea of vanishing from wherever you are, and building your life from scratch. Believe me, I think about this quite often – at least thrice a month.

The reason why this idea of starting over, is so tempting, is mainly because this your undo button. It’s your second chance at life. I’m sure we all have a few things we wish we did differently, I know I do, and starting over is the best way to do so.

Has your best friend ever looked at you in the eye and told you that you’ve changed? I’m sure they have. Because change is a natural process. Some people call it evolution, others call it maturing, while the rest of the world just calls it – change!

All of us go through this vicious process of change. This results in the form of our habits, our personality, our attitude towards others, our attitude towards life, our persona, our general disposition. Everyone changes in their own characteristic manner. And when we change in the manner that we do, we feel the burden of our past, terrorizing our present into transforming back to our older self.

The beauty of starting over is that you begin to discover yourself in a new light. You have a new perspective in your vision, and more than anything, you have a sparkling new confidence in yourself. When you start over in a new place, you have a new identity. You have the power to shape the future of this new identity, who basically is YOU living a new life. How fantastic is that!?

Now, imagine relocating to a new city, making new friends, new relations with new people, building your image in a way you want it – without any history, without the horrors from your past. Imagine people looking at you with a new perspective and not knowing how you were in the past. Imagine people not judging you and accusing you of changing into a person that you weren’t before.

If ever I had the money, resources and courage to vanish, I would become a scuba diving instructor, changing the location where I teach, every month.

What would you do?


4 thoughts on “Starting Over?

  1. I feel courage is usually most of what’s lacking; the rest can be made up for with a bit of advance planning. In any case, it’s easier for me to encourage you than myself, so: DO IT!


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