The Lonely Boat Theory.

In life, we have all been through almost similar stages of friendship and abandonment. … More The Lonely Boat Theory.


The dramatic one!

Drama doesn’t just walk into your life. You either create it, invite it, or associate with people who invite it into your life. … More The dramatic one!

The Perfect S.O.!

Have you ever come across someone who seems like the perfect person for you? Someone who fits into the shoes of your dream girl/ knight in shining armor? Well then you’ve most certainly been day dreaming. News flash: They don’t exist. The feeling of butterflies in our stomach is a rather complicated feeling. This is so, … More The Perfect S.O.!

Unconditional Love

Everyone has their own way of saying bye to their loved ones, some start crying, some start making promises like Skyping every weekend or conference calls every Friday night, while a very small number of people give a tight hug and say, “Until next time, take care!” … More Unconditional Love